Marine West, in cooperation with its Partner Group, has established a “competences pool” in order to provide a wide range of services in shipbuilding industry. 
The pool comprises several companies in Romania, with extremely high competences and long experience in fields like ship design, steel works, ship systems and electrical systems. 
As the actual shipbuilding market is on a continuous descending tendency, we are providing, together with our partners, a viable solution for balancing the production costs. The high skills and competence combined with best price level is a part of the support we provide to Yards, Owners and any active actor in the shipbuilding industry.

Electric Navinstal

Electric Navinstal provides wide range of electrical services on board, such as: Mounting steel details related to electrical installation (cable trays, supports, MCT-s); Mounting panels and equipment; Cable cutting, coding and installing; connections, cold wire tests, closing penetrations;

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Eurotehnic Grup

Eurotehnic Grup – is a designer and manufacturer of piping systems, propulsion systems, steel construction and mechanical parts for shipbuilding industry

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KSB Design- ship design

KSB Design is a dynamic Design Company in Shipbuilding, providing  Class Drawings, Cutting files and workshop documentation, especially for the inland vessel navigation field, lines fairing, stability.

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