Electric Navinstal

Electric Navinstal provides wide range of electrical services on board, such as: 

  • Mounting steel details related to electrical installation (cable trays, supports, MCT-s);
  • Mounting panels and equipment;
  • Cable cutting, coding and installing; connections, cold wire tests, closing penetrations;

Services performed on various types of projects - Dive Support Ship; Joint Support Ship (JSS); Training Suction Hopper Dredger; Patrol ships; Offshore platform; Heavy Lift carrier; Bulk carriers; Logistic Support vessel; AHTS


  • Seawell, Dive Support Ship, in Damen Ship Repair, The Netherlands; Refit
  • Pipe Laying vessels (3 ships), in IHC Offshore & Marine (part of IHC Merwede) at Krimpen, The Netherlands - New building
  • Joint Support Ship (JSS), in Schelde Shipyard, The Netherlands, owner Royal Dutch Navy Role - New building
  • Patrol ships, in Schelde Shipyard, The Netherlands, owner Royal Dutch Navy - New building
  • LPD, owner Royal Dutch Navy, in Vlissingen, The Netherlands - New building
  • Chemical tanker 4900 dwt in Breko Shipyard, The Netherlands -  New building
  • Ro-Ro Cargo vessel,   Bremen Shipyard, Germany - New building